How You Can Help

If you would like to help All Wheels Up, we have several ways you can help us.

  • You can sign our petition and share it on social media. We already have 39,000+ signatures and we plan on showing it to Congress, the FAA, Airlines, and Airplane Manufacturers.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you aren’t already. We post updates on what we are doing and other ways you can help us.
  • Donate. We are a grassroots organization and need donations to help us crash test wheelchairs and personal restraint systems, set up meetings with Congress, FAA, DOT, Airlines, and Airplane Manufacturers, create videos showing how Accessible Airplanes will look like, grow our team, work on engineering and design, and ultimately make Air Travel fully accessible for millions of people who use Wheelchairs around the world.
Fundraising Chart
  • If an airline has ever damaged your wheelchair or discriminated against you based on your disability, please file a formal complaint with the Department of Transportation. Airlines need to know whenever they are not servicing the Disabled Community properly. The Department of Transportation has a formal complaint system where all complaints are investigated and reports covering the entire airline industry are published every year. The Airlines and DOT need to know what they are doing wrong and what can be addressed.