Fly Safe Today Giveaway

All Wheels Up is the only not-for-profit organization in the world funding research and development for the future of accessible air travel: a wheelchair spot on commercial airlines. To ensure safety and comfort on airplanes right NOW, we launched the Fly Safe Today program, providing important assistive equipment (the CARES harness and ADAPTS sling) to travelers with disabilities. The program is recently expanded thanks to a generous grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

Due to lack of funding this program is on hold

All US residents with a disability are eligible to apply to Fly Safe Today. Learn how the CARES harness and ADAPTS sling can help you Fly Safe Today! 

The CARES harness for special needs flyers is the first and only harness-type positioning device that’s certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is a portable and lightweight supplemental double shoulder strap that can help position and accommodate people with disabilities in airplane seats. This seat belt is worn in conjunction with the airplane seat lap belt and can help better secure and position some travelers.

The ADAPTS sling is literally the only safe way off the plane for passengers with disabilities (whose wheelchairs are stowed in the cargo hold) in an emergency evacuation. The sling was invented by a flight attendant who knows that airlines do not have an evacuation plan for disabled travelers. ADAPTS is a portable and lightweight manual lifting sling that is ready for anyone nearby to assist a disabled traveler quickly to safety. It can also be used for safe and dignified transfers to and from the aisle wheelchair—or anytime/anywhere as a quick transfer device.