Fly Safe Today Giveaway

All Wheels Up Wants to Help Passengers with Disabilities ‘Fly Safe Today’  with a Special Equipment Giveaway 

All Wheels Up (AWU) is giving away CARES Special Needs harnesses and ADAPTS slings to travelers with disabilities. The CARES harness is a supplemental double shoulder strap that can help position and accommodate people with disabilities in airplane seats. The ADAPTS sling is an evacuation device for emergency situations on a plane, and passengers with special needs can  also use it for transfers. “Keys to a safe flight for a person with a disability are a protected  transfer and a secure positioning,” says Michelle Erwin, founder of All Wheels Up. Both  products are portable and lightweight, important considerations for travelers already laden with  critical equipment and supplies for many activities of daily living.

To apply for this program,  travelers can send an email to and include their name, email, home  address, phone number, and age. They should tell AWU how and why this equipment will help them Fly Safe Today.  

AWU firmly believes that passengers who use wheelchairs should be able to fly on airplanes  from the safety of their own wheelchairs, just as they can in cars and vans, taxis, trains, subways, and buses. AWU’s mission is to work with the US Congress and agencies such as the  Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration to fund research for an onboard wheelchair spot on airplanes.  

As we work towards a wheelchair spot on planes, AWU wants passengers with disabilities to Fly  Safe Today. Because passengers currently have to transfer from their personal wheelchairs to an  aisle chair and then again to their plane seat, the ADAPTS sling can make this transition safer and more dignified for the traveler. It also provides a contactless process for passengers who  need physical assistance in the transfer process. Furthermore, in case of airplane evacuation, the  ADAPTS sling is literally the only safe way off the plane: the ADAPTS sling is an onboard  evacuation tool to help passengers with mobility impairment (whose wheelchairs are below in  the cargo hold) exit the plane. The CARES harness, worn in conjunction with the airplane seat  lap belt, can help better secure and position some passengers in their plane seats. Until  wheelchair spots are available on planes, people with reduced mobility deserve to Fly Safe  Today. 

All Wheels Up is the only organization in the world funding research and development for the  future of accessible air travel. CARES is manufactured exclusively by AmSafe, the foremost  manufacturer of aviation seatbelts and pilot restraints in the world. The ADAPTS sling was  invented by a flight attendant when she realized that airlines don’t have an evacuation plan for  passengers with limited mobility.