All Wheels Up Applauds the Emergency Vacating of Aircraft Cabin (EVAC) Act

All Wheels Up Applauds the Emergency Vacating of Aircraft Cabin (EVAC) Act

New Duckworth-Baldwin bill to ensure the FAA does more to prioritize people with
disabilities in emergency evacuations

FRISCO, TX, Dec. 15, 2022 – All Wheels Up (AWU), the only not-for-profit organization in the world
funding and conducting research for a wheelchair spot on airplanes, applauds the Emergency Vacating
of Aircraft Cabin (EVAC) Act proposed by Senator and pilot Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and U.S. Senator
Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), which will ensure the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does more to
prioritize passenger safety by appropriately considering people with disabilities in its emergency
evacuation standards.

“The Emergency Vacating of Aircraft Cabin Act is a step toward Congress recognizing more needs to be
done to ensure air travel is accessible, safe and equitable for all. This bill is important to Congress
recognizing the needs of people with disabilities, which includes wheelchair passengers. Current aircraft
emergency evacuation procedures fall woefully short of ensuring the safety and equal treatment of
passengers with disabilities. Thank you Senators Duckworth and Baldwin for recognizing that FAA
policies need to be updated to reflect today’s population,” said Michele Erwin, CEO and founder of All
Wheels Up.

Without the support of Congress, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the FAA, and the airline
industry, wheelchair passengers onboard commercial airplanes will continue to face indignities, injuries
and life threatening risks not experienced by other passengers. These risks include being humiliated,
injured or dropped by airline personnel, forgotten during egress, damage to or loss of wheelchair
equipment due to mishandling, health risks from not being able to remain in their wheelchair during flight
or access onboard restrooms, and more. The EVAC Act is a step toward safer commercial air travel for
passengers with disabilities, recognizing their civil and human rights, including safe, dignified and equal
treatment during air travel.

About All Wheels Up:

All Wheels Up (AWU), the first organization in the world to fund research and development for
“wheelchair spot” on commercial aircraft. The not-for-profit organization is working with the airline carriers
and aircraft manufacturers to make airplanes wheelchair accessible for the millions of people who
depend on them for mobility and safe seating. AWU’s mission is to increase awareness for safer and
more dignified accessible air travel through research and advocacy. AWU is the first not-for-profit
organization funding research and development for a wheelchair spot on planes—as well as providing
community outreach through its Fly Safe Today program.

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