Our Team

Michele Campanelli-Erwin. President and Founder


Michele and Greyson

Michele Erwin has a successful career in the Fashion Industry, having worked for notable fashion houses, such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. After her son was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and experiencing the difficulties of traveling with a Wheelchair she knew something needed to be done.  Taking her business acumen and passion for projects she embarked on the journey of getting wheelchairs crash tested for commercial flight and created All Wheels Up

Dream Destination: Italy and Africa

Alan Chaulet. Vice President

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Alan is an aspiring Entrepreneur and Inventor fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He graduated from Bentley University in 2013 with a Management Degree. Alan is the founder of Badass Ability which is an ambitious media, consulting, ecommerce, and technology startup dedicated to helping those with Disabilities.

Alan is very active in the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Community and currently serving in the first Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Adult Advisory Council. He was the Honored Hero in the first MDA Team Momentum Half Marathon in Boston and hopes to accomplish a lot of Disability Advocacy.

His responsibilities include the All Wheels Up website and technology needs.

He knows Accessible Airplanes allows Airlines to tap into an untouched market of millions of customers and that it will dramatically increase their profits as well as that of the entire Travel industry

Dream Destination: Paris

Tamie Amoroso- Development and Fundraising Coordinator

Tamie is a self-proclaimed jack of all interests and trades. Since graduating from Rowan University and receiving her Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2003 and a certification in Graphic Design in 2006, Tamie has worked and volunteered in various areas, including tutoring English online, volunteering for animal welfare, opening up her own photo restoration business, working at a travel agency as both website blogger and a travel agent, and most recently returning to her true passion of Graphic Design where she currently works as webmaster. Throughout these many interests and career choices, one thing that never changed was her love for travel and her dream for it to became an accessible reality.

In spite of her lifelong physical limitations due to Muscular Dystrophy, during her younger, ambulatory years, Tamie grew up fortunate enough to travel to some of the most beautiful places across the country, as well as trips overseas to visit family in Italy. Unfortunately, as her disease has progressed with age, it has become both impossible and unsafe for her to travel by plane. As Development and Fundraising Coordinator for All Wheels Up, Tamie looks forward to the future of safe and accessible air travel — a future that does not exclude those with a severe disability who wish to travel for either school, business, medical necessity or pleasure.

Dream Destination: Santorini, Sicily and Paris

Claudine Campanelli- Founding Boardmember


Claudine has extensive experience in Early Childhood school management. She is currently the Higher Education Coordinator for the New York Professional Development Institute overseeing the undergraduate and graduate Certificate programs at CUNY School of Professional Studies. She has extensively traveled for both professional and leisure purposes. She opened the first full day corporate Montessori school that including infants and toddlers in Australia and India. Claudine has been a member of several boards serving young children and advocating for quality early childhood education. She was president of Suffolk AEYC, the local affiliate chapter of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) from 2009 – 2013. She is a lecturer and presenter both nationally and internationally, specializing in early childhood and Montessori education. She is also a doctoral student at LIU-Post. Her favorite travel experience was staying in a tree house during her travels to Mount Rainier.

Dream Destination: Maldives and Amalfi Coast, Italy

Tinamarie Duff- Founding Boardmember

Tinamarie Duff

A New York native now living in New Jersey; Tinamarie has worked at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) for over 20 years holding various leadership roles.  She is currently the Global Lead for BMS’ DAWN (Differently-Abled Workplace Network) people and business group, which holds a mission to fosters an environment and workplace culture that promotes the value of differently abled individuals and their impact on BMS business worldwide.  Tinamarie has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Master’s in Business.

She is the mother of two smart and active children that keep her busy running from a lacrosse field to a fencing match or theater  event.  Tinamarie enjoys cooking, volunteering and in addition to AWU she has a passion that brings her to volunteer at a medical clinic and orphanage in Haiti.

Dream Destinations: Fiji and British Columbia


Julie Neufeld- Canada Representative

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Julie has worked in multiple roles serving the airline industry for over seven years. On a daily basis she witnesses the difficulties that travellers with disabilities encounter while navigating the airport and during transfers onto aircrafts. In every aspect of her life, Julie is dedicated to advocating for the rights and inclusion of members of marginalized communities. She uses this passion to liaise with local organizations to lead accessible travel information sessions at a spinal cord rehabilitation centre in Vancouver, and facilitates experiential airport tours for people living with disabilities in the Greater Vancouver area.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Julie is also a full time student pursuing her Bachelors Degree, and is a proud parent of four amazing children. In her free time, she can be found volunteering with a local baseball organization that hosts a Challenger Ball program for children with special needs.

Dream Destination: New Zealand

Robin Wearley

Robin Wearley, PA-C, MSc is a retired Flight Attendant and Cardiovascular Physician Assistant with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior & Leadership and a Master of Science in Health Communication. Her experiences in the aviation and healthcare industries were instrumental in helping her identify the unmet safety need addressed by ADAPTS™: ensuring a safe, comfortable evacuation method for people with disabilities. 

Knowing the airlines have no real plan for evacuating passengers who use wheelchairs and after a conversation with a travel-savvy friend who happens to be a triple amputee, Robin’s idea took flight. She grabbed her yoga mat and some rope and fashioned the first prototype of the ADAPTS portable transfer sling. Convinced she was on to something, she cut up a Slip-n-Slide® and refined her design then she filed a patent. She created a third prototype from light cotton muslin, before turning the design over to a seamstress, who created the pattern and instructions for mass production. Seven prototypes later, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and selling ADAPTS to customers online and at the Abilities Expos, ADAPTS is well on the way to finding a place on commercial airliners for passengers who want to ride in their wheelchairs onboard or for any person who may not be able to escape in disasters under their own power when their wheelchair is not available to them. 


Ryan Nelson- Board Member

Ryan Nelson

With more than 20 years in the aviation industry, Ryan has
extensive military and civil aviation experience, and has
piloted more than 60 different types of aircraft. Ryan retired
from the U.S. Army as an Experimental Test Pilot and now
works as an Aircraft Certification Flight Test Pilot for the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For the past 8 years,
Ryan has conducted flight testing and certification of
numerous aircraft and aircraft systems, to include new
aircraft type certification (TC), amended type certification,
and supplemental type certification (STC) of 14 CFR Part 23,
25, 27 and 29 aircraft.

In his current position Ryan ensures the flight test compliance of the type certification processes for avionics, propulsion, and mechanical/electrical systems and equipment installations on those same aircraft. He is responsible for the adequacy and uniformity in application of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), national policies, advisory circulars, national directives, and procedures affecting the flight test aspects of analysis, design, testing, and continued airworthiness of such aircraft.
Additionally, Ryan serves as the Flight Test representative on the Organizational Management Team (OMT) for Bell and Airbus Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) and serves as the FAA lead for the Bell 525 Crew Error Management (CEM) working group.

Ryan is a strong Veteran and disability advocate and has worked for years to make various activities more accessible to the disabled community. As a mechanical and systems engineer, Ryan enjoys designing and building things and finding unique solutions to problems/challenges we face in everyday life.

Ryan has aided in the development, testing, and implementation of multiple tools for computer and iPad/tablet access for severely disabled persons, to include multiple eye tracking systems, head tracking cameras, finger tracking cameras, with unique mouse/trackpad and/or switch access solutions.

Additionally he has designed and built:
• A wheelchair accessible glider (swing) and playhouse that allows non-ambulatory children to propel
the glider independently and interact, play, learn, discover with their peers.
• A recumbent tricycle with a specialized seat to allow for non-ambulatory persons to enjoy biking.
• An overhead sling system that allows an immobile person to interact with their environment.
• Multiple pieces of specialized furniture that incorporate the overhead sling system and other accessibility modifications.

He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, an M.A. in Education from the University of Virginia, and an M.S. in Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. Ryan is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilot (SETP) and the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International, and volunteers as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach mentor for various organizations.

Dream Destination- Mars.


Max Burt

Max Burt



Uniquely, Max has high-end advertising & brand marketing skills coupled with the first-hand experience of now having multiple disabilities. 

At the end of 1999, while driving home from work, managing an international advertising agency group in London, he was involved in a near fatal car crash with a fire engine. This left him in a coma for several weeks and in hospital for ten months. 

The accident left him almost completely paralysed on his left. Because of this, he relies on a powered wheelchair. The head injury also slurred his speech and affected his sight and hearing.

His passionate desire for greater inclusion for disabled people led him to found the charity WheelEasy and to consult on marketing to disabled consumers.

Max moved from London to Sydney with his wife Justine in August 2011.

As well as running the charity WheelEasy, he currently sits on the Disability Inclusion Advisory Panel for the City of Sydney.